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#49: Dragon Boat Racing

I rode a dragon – and lived to tell about it. On Sunday, a motley crew of 20 employees came together to represent Medtronic the St. Paul Dragon Race competition.  Our team was named”Earl’s Dragons” after Medtronic co-founder Earl Bakken. The ragtag group of paddlers included accomplished engineers, PhDs, inventors, computer wizards and some odds (me) […]


#48: Knitting

Clearly I am a spoiled entitled brat born long after the industrial revolution.  I was never exposed to the reality of what it was like to rely on hand made goods. Every piece of clothing I wear, and nearly all the food I eat, has been shipped in from a foreign country that I probably […]


#47: Kayaking

I have a very tumultuous relationship with boats. I live in Minnesota and I love being near, on and in lake a but I’m not particularly fond of human powered water vehicles. Paddle boats are pretty stupid, and canoes… well I’m irrationally afraid of them.  I don’t have the typical fears that it might tip […]

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