Update: The Mile

Posted by Megan on May 10th, 2013

Since I tried my first one mile race during my Forty by Thirty year of adventures, I’ve run the TC one mile race two more times. All three were painful, but also rewarding. Despite my trash talking, David has beaten me every year; this year very handily by nearly a minute. My speed has suffered since I’ve been focusing on long distance running, but I always look forward to seeing what my body can do running all out. Although this race will always be a challenge for my disproportionately short legs, I have overcome my fear of the mile and now tackle it head on.

I’ll likely continue running this race each year, as long as there is always a happy hour at the end.  In retrospect, this is probably why I hated running the mile in elementary school so much. Beer is a good motivator. Cheers to the TC 1 Mile!


Pre-race with David.


David tweeted this photo with the very sassy caption: “Congratulations on your second place finish,” in reference to his beating me yet again.

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