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#42: Witnessing Social Change

I was born in the 1980’s. I didn’t live through the civil rights movement. I did not have to fight for my right to vote. I never lived through Civil War on my homeland. All of this was already accomplished by the time I joined the world. I was raised in a world where anyone, […]


Update: The Mile

Since I tried my first one mile race during my Forty by Thirty year of adventures, I’ve run the TC one mile race two more times. All three were painful, but also rewarding. Despite my trash talking, David has beaten me every year; this year very handily by nearly a minute. My speed has suffered […]


#41: Ultramarathon

On April 13, I ran the Zumbro 50 miler. This was my second 50 mile race, however both races have been completed in the time I’ve taken away from blogging. My first, the Superior Sawtooth 50, was in September 2012. Completing ultramarathons is an incredibly satisfying experience for me, since I’ve never really considered myself […]

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