#37: Eating a falafel

Posted by Megan on January 22nd, 2012

VLOG! Watch me eat my very first falafel in my very first video blog.

I generally try to stay away from foods I can’t pronounce. This has served me well over the years, steering me away from exotic foreign fare and towards things like chicken nuggets. My mom never claimed to be a great chef, and since she worked full time we stuck with the family standards: frozen pizza, spaghetti, fish stick sandwiches and hot dish. Many of these foods are still my favorites today, but lasagna was about as “exotic” as our meals ventured. When I went to college and moved to the big city I was instantly surrounded by a seemingly never ending smorgasbord of new and exiting food. I tried a myriad of new genres of food: Mexican, Brazilian, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern. I desperate wanted to like the new and exciting food, but I didn’t. I pretty much hated mostly everything I ate. My chief complaint was always that the food was just too darn spicy! If I wanted to add some heat to my meals, I’d add ketchup. I couldn’t even handle mild salsa! It seemed like I couldn’t even taste most ethnic foods because my mouth was overpowered by the heat. Once, I ate a jalapeno and instantly threw up. Yes! I vomited at Champs thanks to a jalapeno. Why do people eat food that hurts?

This left a bad taste in my mouth (HA!) for trying new foods. After hundreds of dollars of meals left barely eaten (followed swiftly by a Subway run) I resolved to stick with meat, potatoes, chicken nuggets, pizza and corn pops. (they count as a vegetable just like candy corn!)

Careful coaching from friends has coaxed me into trying and liking a few new things: sushi, pho, bubble tea and figs for example, but my initial reaction to trying new foods still remains “no thanks.”

That is – until I walked into a work lunch to encounter a buffet of Middle Eastern food. I could have easily settled on a chicken pita and salad but NO – I was feeling bold. I was going to try and dominate the most exotic and weird looking thing on that table and that thing was: Falafel. This is the epitome of something I generally would not ever attempt to eat.

Do I dare?


The name is weird. It is obviously filled with a mystery substance. I hate food surprises, even jelly donuts!No one else was eating them.

Fork in hand, I rolled a few onto my plate and sat down with my friends to eat the feast.


I'm coming for you!


My friends at my table were obviously more adventurous than me, because before I could coax myself into eating one, several people at my table had conquered a falafel or two.

Melissa, my friend, colleague, and blog mentor Melissa went first. Yum! (check out her blog when you get a chance: marketingmama.com)

Always the trailblazer, Melissa ate her falafel first.


Next was Sam.

Neither of them made a gross awful face; that was encouraging.


Sam demonstrated that if you drench your falafel in tzaziki it tastes more delightful.


I gathered my courage, then stabbed the falafel with gusto.

“I’m going to eat you!” I shouted at it.


Umm... Are you sure there isn't any hamburger helper I can eat for lunch?


I would eat a few more but I'm fala-full.


And I did eat it, and I didn’t die.

I survived the Falafel! (That should definitely be on a T-shirt)

It wasn’t disgusting. All that stress and angst was for nothing. It was surprisingly ungross. In fact it was actually kind of bland. I thought only American food was bland.

Now I’m ready for my next food adventure. What do you think I should try next? Give me a suggestion in the comments section below.

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