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#38: Pottery

  I have no finesses. I color so hard I break crayons; it takes me several minutes (and a lot of luck) to thread a needle; I can’t even braid my own hair. Even the shampoo named Finesse revolts in my hair causing a frizzy unruly mane that is nearly impossible to tame. When Brad […]


#37: Eating a falafel

I generally try to stay away from foods I can’t pronounce. This has served me well over the years, steering me away from exotic foreign fare and towards things like chicken nuggets. My mom never claimed to be a great chef, and since she worked full time we stuck with the family standards: frozen pizza, […]


#36: The Goofy Challenge: 39.3 miles of running

In most areas of the world, mice are shrieked at and met with immense disapproval. That is unless you’re at Disney World! My family and I just returned from a fantastic trip to the happiest place on earth where we rode rides, hugged Disney characters, ate junk food, hugged each others, met new people and […]


#35: Cribbage

  A spiritual pursuit!   I’ve never been fond of cribbage. Perhaps it sounds a little too much like “cabbage” or maybe because I’ve never seen anyone under that age of 70 playing it. Whenever the senior citizen set monopolizes an activity it generally means one of the following: It is obsolete and newer, more fun […]

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