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#30: Shooting a gun

 I’ve always thought guns were horrifyingly scary. Perhaps it was too many Rambo movies in my formative youth, or the thousands of hours I spent watching my brother orchestrate mass genocides during various violent video games. Regardless of the reasoning, I’m truly terrified of guns. In fact I’ve never even held a gun… unless you […]


#29: Buying a goat

  I have strange affection towards goats. I can’t explain it. Ever since I was young I have been enthralled in their simple lives. They just stroll around, eating grass, curiously exploring their surroundings. It sounds like a pretty nice life. Goats have always been my favorite animal. When asked to pick our favorite animals […]


#28: Visiting a Glacier

  I’m fascinated by geology, most notably glaciers. They kicked the crap out of the earth and were a fundamental force in creating our landscape as it is today. Here inMinnesota, glaciers did some mighty fine handy work. Not only did they create a mostly flat (and great for running) topography, they also helped carve […]


#27: Cooking lessons

As you learned in my Cookbook Lottery blog– I’m not a cook. Aside from toast and oatmeal, I generally don’t cook much of anything. I’m so lazy that I often would rather go hungry than prepare a meal (this is a great diet plan, by the way) and I’ve been known to eat Nestle Quik […]


#26: Gophers football

  I dislike football. My husband loves it. This is the only sticking point in our marriage, and it’s only minor; about as sticky as a knock-off post-it note. It has always seemed fraught with egos, violence and machismo. I strongly believe the only selling point is the spandex.  Unlike many football super fans, Brad […]

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