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#25 Driving a moving truck

There is a reason I drive a Honda Civic coupe. It is the smallest car I can safely pilot without fear of being squashed by a semi truck. I spent a summer as a camp counselor carting around moody teenagers in a 15-passenger van. The route was through dangerous mountain roads near Big Bear Lake, […]


#24: Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house

When a clown invites you to come to his house for dinner – you don’t ask questions!  While serving as Volunteer Girl at my company’s Volunteer Fair, the Ronald McDonald asked if I would be interested in hosting dinner at his house located in Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. The program, called Cooks for Kids, coordinates […]


#23: Jump starting a car

This week, fate intervened and I stumbled onto a new experience without any prior planning. It was actually poor planning, or at least poor late-night mental function that allowed me to try a new, and previously highly intimidating task…. Twice! Chili dog decided to upchuck his dinner in my car on Wednesday night. This was […]


#22: Riding in a hot air balloon

Call me practical, but I’m not what you’d call an early-adopter. I’d much rather wait for trusted, technologically advanced options to roll around. I’d never agree to be the first human to travel to Mars (what if the atmosphere scrambles human brains!) nor would I ever agree to be the first patient to receive a […]


#21: Staying in a Bed & Breakfast

  Forgive me blogworld for  I have sinned. It has been five weeks since my last blog entry. I decided to take a little hiatus at the halfway point, but the longer I stay away – the more I’ll have to cram once December rolls around. I’ve had no shortage of fun adventures over the […]

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