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#19: Volunteering

    I have a confession to make. This is a deep dark secret – one I’ve been hiding for years often misrepresenting myself to cover up for. I’ve never spent much time volunteering. It seems everyone else in the city is single-handedly rescuing three-legged puppies from certain death or teaching blind and deaf World […]


#18: Dateless date night

I love date night. The cliché dinner and a movie combo is the number one activity for lovebirds and blind dates for good reason. It’s a casual, entertaining way to get out of the house and requires little planning. While movie tickets are getting a bit pricy lately, you can still manage to have a […]


#17: Sewing

  Sewing is a dying art. Aside from a 20 minute demonstration in my seventh grade domestic engineering class (1995 lingo for home ec), I’ve never set hands (or foot) on a sewing machine. Even new sewing machines seem like antiques to me. How does anyone know how to use those fandangle things? Don’t clothes […]

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