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#16: Paddle boarding

I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. I’m certain it’s my hidden talent just waiting to be discovered. Never mind I am painfully uncoordinated and possess an unnatural fear of sea life. Unfortunately I live smack dab in the middle of the continent, thus making surfing seemingly impossible. But alas! A new trend is […]


#15: Camping

Here in Minnesotawe get approximately 25 days of good weather all year. Our grueling winters are notorious for being painstakingly long. I’ve heard rumors that Jack Frost’s permanent residency is located just north of International Falls. Cities like Cold Springs, Frazee, Esko proudly proclaim our only claim to fame: being the coldest state in the […]


#14: Going Commando

You may peg me as a liar upon reading the headline of this entry. Many former college roommates can attest to my affinity towards going commando during my early twenties.  Not wearing undergarments was my retaliation towards thongs. Thong underwear were in their hay day back in the early 2000’s, and regular cotton briefs got […]

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