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#13: Visiting a psychic

My future’s so bright, I  gotta wear shades! At least that’s what my psychic thinks. While in Kansas City visiting my childhood BFF, Becky, we determined it would be entertaining to get a sneak peak at our futures by visiting a local psychic. I’ve always been incredibly skeptical of psychics. Why are so many of […]


#12: Painting a canvas

My mother used to always say that I was “well rounded.” This is mom-talk for “you’re not really super great at anything.” She was right, I was pretty mediocre at nearly every task I tried. I got decent grades, I could sort of sing, I was an okay hugger, but one thing I was always […]


#11: Super hero for a day

  Remember McGruff the crime dog? I always had a crush on him. Don’t ask me why I found a human sized bloodhound wearing a distinctively dated trench coat sexy. It would probably take hundreds of hours of therapy to resolve that issue so I’m content to just leave it alone. There is something about […]


#10: Cleaning a fish

 If there is nuclear war I will now be able to provide food to my starving family.  This weekend my dad taught me two important lessons that will be critical for survival after Canada declares war on the United States over hockey players and ownership of Alaska. Neither country will want to claim it […]

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