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#9: Acupuncture

Raise your hand if you like to be poked with needles. I’m guessing most of you have both of your hands firmly located on your keyboard. Or one hand on the keyboard and one hand eating an ice cream sandwich. If you’re the ice cream sandwich person – I’m jealous. I’m fairly certain that aside […]


# 8: Driving a race car

I once had a college roommate who was obsessed with NASCAR. She would park in front of the TV and watch cars race around in circles for hours. Round and round, lap after lap, she would sit entranced in the spectacle. I never understood why she found this entertaining to watch. If you want to […]


#7: The mile

I’m terrible at sports. My coordination is laughable, I have no agility and my ball handling skills are pitiful. (Insert joke here #1). Despite my many efforts, I remain absolutely terrible at all ball related sports (#2). I can’t serve a volleyball, I’m a terrible dribbler, I’m hopeless at baseball – even with a big […]


#6: Bike Commuting

There was a blue monster in my garage for two years. It hung in solitude like a bat, barely ever leaving its cave, yet it taunted me daily and filled me with fear. I would very rarely attempt to defeat the monster. Every time I tried to conquer my fear I would be left discouraged, defeated […]


#5: Hotdish Revolution: A casserole cook off

When I meet new people from out of town they often inquire about what the culture is like here in Minnesota. They wonder how we can survive through snow, ice and butt-crazy cold for months each year. The one word answer: hotdish. Let me explain: Minnesotans may begrudgingly complain about the subzero temperatures, the impossible driving […]

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