#2: Getting My Girl On – manicures & pedicures

Posted by Megan on April 21st, 2011

I’m a DINK (duel income no kids) suburban nearly 30 year old. I’m sure the internet research trollers tracking my every move think they know everything about me and my spending habits. They assume that I spend copious amounts of money on expensive coffee drinks, I read Oprah magazine and I constantly have perfectly manicured nails. I’m sad to admit they are mostly right – I knew I was slowly declining out of my 20’s when I found pure bliss in watching The Judds while drinking a skinny latte. However until Friday I had never had a manicure or a pedicure. I had my reasons. Until recently I bit my nails to the nub. When I was stressed I would chomp on my nails until they bled. My nails were always so short and misshapen. I would find arbitrary reasons to wear gloves. Thankfully the notoriously long Minnesota winters gave me ample excuses to hide my hands. If the fashion hadn’t shifted to fingerless gloves (which are pointless, I might add) I may still have franken-fingers. In retrospect I don’t know what stress could have caused the chronic gnawing during my college years. GASP!

The cafeteria is out of fat free ranch dressing!
I can’t believe The Bachelor picked her!
My house plant looks mad at me!

I managed to kick the habit for good a few years ago, but my nails have never recovered. They are soft and brittle and my cuticles are a mess. I have to keep them very short or they tear. I don’t bother polishing them. Every time I’ve attempted an at home polish my right hand ended up looking like a kindergarten art project. I never have the patience to let them dry fully before I inevitably reach into a bag of Cheetos.

A pedicure has also always seemed out of the question. I did not want to subject a poor aesthetician to my nasty runners feet.

Many of my friends routinely get manicures and pedicures. In fact, I’ve been invited to go along on several occasions. I’d never given myself permission to spend the seemingly frivolous money on a service that is unnecessary, especially for a person with ultra short nails and unusually tickly prone feet.

A killer Groupon deal gave me the nudge I needed to try it. My sister and I both bought Groupons to a local spa that entitled us to a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and a haircut; a true spa day! It was an amazing morning. I’ve never felt so pampered. It was one of the most rejuvenating activities I’ve ever experienced. I now understand why people do spa vacations. While I could never justify the expense under normal circumstances, the feeling of truly spoiling yourself was intoxicating. 

The manicure and pedicure portion of the morning was somewhat unremarkable. It was exactly how I expected. The beautician buffed, attended to my cuticles and polished. She didn’t make any snarky comments about my brittle short nails as I feared. My fingernails are now a lovely shade of translucent pink. The pedicure was also enjoyable. Aside from my various attempts to involuntarily kick the poor beautician in the head (as I mentioned I am tickly) the experience was very rejuvenating. The day was beautiful. For me, the most enjoyable component of the experience was spending some really relaxing quality time with my sister. I would definitely do the mani/pedi again.

On a side note: another really fun part of the experience was watching my sister get her hair cut so she could donate it to Locks for Love. This is how selfless my sister is. She has donated her hair several times. Erin is amazing.

Erin before

Erin after

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