40 by 30 – The adventure begins

Posted by Megan on April 17th, 2011

I’m not an adventurous person. I’m quite the opposite in fact. I enjoy the security of the predictable, the comfort in routine. There is a major pitfall to this outlook though. My life is boring. I very rarely have interesting stories to share at the water cooler Monday morning and I don’t often feel the rush of adrenaline that comes with adventure. But, for 29.3 years, this has suited me just fine.

I like my yoga pants. The highlight of most of my days is when I have completed all my daily tasks and have returned to the comfort of the cotton/spandex blend. I recognize that this is exceedingly depressing. After all, these pants were specifically designed to wear during a meditation journey – an activity I’d always wanted to try, but always felt intimidated to actually do. I’ve become so firmly attached my routine that I never let my pants do their job. So in a stroke of bravery, I tagged along with my good pal Sarah to give yoga a spin. Much to my surprise, trying something new was invigorating and empowering and dare-I-say, FUN! (except the extended stay in chair pose, that part was NOT fun). Yoga quickly became a very enjoyable part of my fitness schedule. I go to yoga weekly and am making strides towards becoming more flexible and more mindful of my… mind. Trying something new resulted in me finding an activity that brings me joy – and it gave my pants a purpose.

After this experience I began evaluating how many new things I had tried in the last few years. I could only name a few, and those I had mostly agreed to participate in via guilt trip or necessity. I’m not just talking leisure activities; this aversion to change trickles into every part of my life. I don’t like to try new food, I don’t like to new places, I don’t like to explore new running routes. I find vacations in new cities to be stressful. Basically I don’t like anything that challenges my comfort boundaries. This is no way to live! I’m almost 30 years old and have never ridden a motorcycle or learned to knit! Tragic!

After a comprehensive life evaluation, I have concluded that I am becoming a metro hermit. The only way to address this impending lameness is to force myself to change. I have issued myself a challenge. I must try 40 new things by my 30th birthday. That is roughly one new activity per week. The new adventures will range from mundane to challenging but each week I will make a point to try something new and share it with you. Got a suggestion on a new activity I can try? Leave it in the comment section below. Let the adventure begin!

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